Pacific Electric Ticket Book – Dolgeville (1908)

The Pacific Electric Railway had special ticket books for frequent passengers. Some were for business folks, some for students and some for entire families, such as this one which allowed passengers to ride between downtown (6th and Main) to Dolgeville, which we all know today as Alhambra. Alfred Dolge set up the Standard Felt Factory after coming to California at the insistence of acquaintance Henry Huntington. Dolgeville was annexed to the city of Alhambra in 1908, the time frame of this ticket book. Tickets from this book were good in either direction.

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  • Bob Davis

    The Standard Felt building (home of Cozy Toes slippers) was still standing when I started working at the Edison facility nearby in 1978. It had become a steel products warehouse. A few years later it was demolished to make way for retail development, including a Costco store.

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