Lake and Colorado inbound via Oak Knoll

Looking northeast from Lake Avenue just south of Colorado Boulevard, car 1135 leads a two car train to downtown Los Angeles via the Oak Knoll line. The building on the right stands on the southeast corner of Lake and Colorado and is the Security First National Bank, later to become Security Pacific National Bank, then, after several years, a building tear-down and a few remodels, now Bank of America. Undated.

Andy Payne Photo, Michael Patris Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    Some of the automobiles look like 1949 or 1950 models, so this was probably just before the “OK” line was abandoned in Nov. 1950. And yes, I remember the multi-story bank building and how it was replaced by a two-story structure. I guess there wasn’t that much market for old-style office space in the 1960s.

    • George Todd

      Bob is right, the White Cab is a 1950 Ford, the trunk handle is the only visible difference between the rear of a ’49 and a ’50. The ’49s had a horizontal chrome trunk handle, while the ’50s had the painted handle that covers the top and part of the sides of the license plate.

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Michael Patris Collection