Zane Grey and the Pacific Electric

Prolific writer Zane Grey, resident, of among other places Avalon and Altadena, California, where he ultimately died of heart failure in 1939, was a passenger of the Pacific Electric Railway when he was in town. While Grey might have chartered private cars from the PE to move himself and his entourage about, as characterized by this letter from 1919, he nonetheless used the Big Red Cars for his transportation needs.

Writing from Avalon, California, September 3, 1919 he states:

Dear Mr. Stewart,

We’ll be over on the boat that leaves here at 4 o’clock on Friday. They keep changing
the schedule, so you had better telephone the P.E. on Friday morning to see if the time
has been changed. Please meet us with two cars at San Pedro.
I suppose we’ll be in about 6 P.M.

Yours truly,

Zane Grey

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