1619 and a Three-Car Interurban Meet

Thomas Pollock Collection

Thomas Pollock Collection

Pacific Electric freight locomotive no. 1619 and a long consist of hoppers meet a three-car PE interurban set somewhere on the Northern District in this image from around 1930.

L. A. Toothaker Collection
Thomas Pollock Collection

From Tom:

Grandpa Lynn worked for the PE 1912-1946, mostly as a motorman, and I think Boston Elevated for a while before that.

The photos of 1619 may have been taken between when 1619 was built in the PE shops, 1924, and the change to the larger orange lettering scheme circa 1932. My reliable source on the PE tells me they also started changing the headlamp equipment shown here, circa 1930. Therefore, I have to label these photos as “circa 1930”. There are no marks on the backs of these photos and besides what you can see in the photos, I have only one more bit of information: identifying my grandfather, Lynwood Abner Toothaker, the fellow in the light colored cap and dark clothes. I regret I have no idea who his fellow crew members were … and since the same three guys are in those photos, who might have been holding the camera. Grandpa went by “L. A.” on the job, but by “Lynn” within the family. I think these photos might have been taken on the Northern District since that was his home district and had a lot of these rock runs.

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  • Bob Davis

    It’s hard to tell for sure, but the cars appear to be 1200’s, and the overhead appears to be catenary, so I would guess that this is on the San Bernardino Line.

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Thomas Pollock Collection