995 on the Air Line

Pacific Electric no. 995 captured on the Air Line in this undated image.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Brian Gutierrez

    This picture looks to have been taken at the Pacific Electric maintenance yard in Venice.

  • George Hays

    This one of a very few wood cars on the P.E. that had ornate window sash all along the side. Most had an admixture of specially crafted windows in the closed section and plain square generic sash in the formerly open section. I don’t recall any wood interurban cars had symmetrical widows after being rebuilt and modernized – whereas the Huntington Standards always had the symmetry line right smack dab down the middle of the car no matter what!

    • RileyG

      They had beautiful inlaid mahogany panels inside. They are still there on car 993 at Orange Empire Railway Museum, awaiting restoration. I donated a panel I rescued from another 950 at a scrapyard.

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