1624 Freight

Alan Weeks Photo-Collection

Alan Weeks Photo-Collection

Pacific Electric freight locomotive no. 1624 pulls a long consist.

Alan Weeks Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    I don’t remember seeing this particular motor on the Monrovia-Glendora Line, but I do remember the safety stencils on the ends when they got the SP “tiger stripes” paint job. My mother took of photo of 1624 passing our home on 5th Ave. in 1943, when it still had spoked wheels. It’s is the sole survivor of the 13 PE “home brew” freight motors built in Torrance Shops in the mid-1920’s. They looked like Baldwin-Westinghouse units, but had General Electric motors and control systems. 1624 runs occasionally at Orange Empire, where there are enough tank cars and boxcars to simulate the train in the photo.

    And the photo looks like the Southern District, near Watts; the four-track main and the long train would not be found on the Western District, and a Northern District train would have been mostly gravel cars coming from the Azusa area.

  • Tom Alexander

    My Dad was the last operating engineer on 1624 before 1624 went out of service to be scrapped
    I have lots of information if you are interested


    Would anyone have plans for the 1624?

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