Division 4 Yard, 1934

Ralph Cantos Collection

Ralph Cantos Collection

The Los Angeles Railway’s Division 4, also referred to as “Georgia Street Car House”, is quiet on this Sunday afternoon in 1934. This is the south yard, the larger of the two yards that was separated by 11th Place. The yard holds a mix of Standards and H-4 class cars. Most of the cars in the yard are signed up for the heavy nearby P line, although other cars of both types are signed up for the A-B-H and 3 lines. Some car numbers visible from right to left are : 466,1382,90,328,414,219,1287,470,and 413.

From Ralph Cantos:

It must have been a wonderful place for a rail fan to spend the afternoon gazing at all these beautiful, well maintained cars. Years later, under LATL and MTA ownership, it would be called Div-20, and would be host to LA’s last streetcars. Forty years later, this entire area would be bulldozed away in the name of urban renewal, more like “ruinall” , and redeveloped into todays Convention Center / Staples Center. I would rather describe this entire area today as the “LA CONVOLUTION CENTER”, because when ever I pass there, I get sick.

Ralph Cantos Collection

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