Pacific Electric 5154/704: The End Has Come!

By Ralph Cantos

This pathetic photo at Toluca Yard was taken in November 1955. Pacific Electric no. 5154, still in mint condition inside and out, is made ready for its trip to Terminal Island and oblivion. Notice that the trolley pole has been welded down to the trolley hook guard.

On an earlier trip to T.I, a Hollywood car trolley pole became dislodged from the hook and took down some phone wires. So the last remaining cars making the one-way trip to National Metals and Steel had both their poles welded down.

It was the final insult to these wonderful cars.

Ralph Cantos Collection

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  • Elena

    Wonderful memories of the wonders of my years as a youth in L.A.. I knew the Yellow Car best as I grew up off 67th Street and Vermont Avenue and in my teens took it east and west regularly and loved everything about it! Cannot find any images of it!? It was smaller than all the other cable category cars. One of my fondest memories of those days gone by😔

  • Steven Crise

    Hi Elena. Vermont Ave had the V Line that ran north and south on Vermont Ave from Monroe Street at its northern terminus to Vernon where it made a left turn and headed to Huntington Park. The 8 and 9 lines were the closets east west line that were near 67th Street. There was the 10 Line that usually ran a very small Birney Car. Perhaps that’s what you recall riding. – Steve Crise. Archivist.

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