Pacific Electric 732 in Venice

Pacific Electric Hollywood car no. 732 is captured on a siding in Venice (probably Venice Short Line), on August 12, 1951. That’s a “Rams vs. Redskins” ad position at the rear of the car for the upcoming event at the Coliseum – odd, because though the Rams did play the ‘Skins that year, they did so in Washington. So, this photo may be misdated.

Gordon Glattenberg Collection

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  • Julie Howell

    The third line on the sign was the date they played, August 5. I doubled checked and yes, on August 5, 1951, the Rams vs Washington Redskins, scheduled as Ram’s 2nd pre-seasoned game. The venue was at the Los Angeles Coliseum. (Rams won 58-14) Then later that season, they squared off again but the venue was at the Griffith Stadium. (The Rams lost 21-31). If the photo had been labeled with the word “Washington”, then perhaps, the photo was taken in 1951 on Washington Blvd.

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  • Brian G

    This location is near the intersection of Brooks ave and Electric ave. The white building in the background is 901 Brooks Ave.

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