Glendale Boulevard Action

Bill Whyte Photo, Steve Crise Collection

Bill Whyte Photo, Steve Crise Collection

A Pacific Electric 5000-series PCC car approaches a crossover in this action image captured from another PE car. The location is probably Glendale Blvd. just north of Sunset on the Glendale-Burbank Line.
Bill Whyte Photo, Steve Crise Collection

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  • Mike Marincovich

    This photo view is looking north on Glendale Blvd just a little south of Montana Street. The two little matching flat top houses each with two windows that have red tile awnings are still there. The two business just beyond that are still there, the smaller building is now a pet grooming and supplies and the larger building with the four windows is La Nueva Jerusalem – a small church??? The gas station further up is now a donut shop.

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