960 on Venice Blvd.

Alan Weeks Collection

Alan Weeks Collection

Pacific Electric interurban no. 960 heads west on Venice Blvd. in this Western Division image dating to May 21, 1949.

Direction changed per comment below

Alan Weeks Collection

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  • Ray Long

    960 on Venice Boulevard. Let’s change the direction from east to west bound. Note the long afternoon shadows. Morning shadows of an east bound car would place it on the opposite side of the car

  • Steve Griffis

    I believe the car is really headed east. Consider: the destination sign says Los Angeles; the passing siding in the right of the picture is at Arlington Ave; this view of the siding aligns with the picture on page 30 of Interurbans Special 60 which looks west; to the far right you can see that Venice Blvd widens which happens at Arlington and on the north side of Venice; the house to the left of car 960 still exists, is at 1612 Arlington Ave and is on the south side of Venice Blvd; and if I’m right, on May 21 the shadows say the time of day is about 9 AM.

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