5163 at Highland and Santa Monica

Ralph Cantos Collection

Ralph Cantos Collection

Pacific Electric car no. 5163 in San Fernando Valley Line service swings onto Highland Avenue from Santa Monica Blvd. in this January 1950 image.

Modified based on comments

Ralph Cantos Collection

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  • Mike

    Very nice image, but the train is actually swinging onto Highland from Santa Monica Blvd. Take a look at the following 1926 photo of Highland and Santa Monica:


    The “Hollywoodland” sign is visible at the upper left, so we’re definitely looking northeast across the intersection. The building at the corner where the tracks turn is the same in both photos.

    – Thanks, Mike! – ed.

  • George Todd

    I think you have the car headed in the wrong direction. I say this because the tracks continue West on Santa Monica past Highland, while they only turn North on Highland, there is no “East leg of the wye here.” The car is on the track closest to the camera, verified by the trolley pole, which would be the inbound track, and the overhead is visible continuing West, which would make it Santa Monica Blvd.
    The camera is on the Northwest corner of Highland and Santa Monica, facing East.
    Look also at the trolley pole on the car, it is is moving away from the camera, and the motorman is not present, so I am pretty sure the car IS swinging from Highland to Santa Monica. This is also supported by the destination sign in this case, and the shadows, which indicate that the picture was taken in the afternoon

  • Paul Kakazu

    I agree with Mr. Todd: the car is going away from the camera, turning onto eastbound Santa Monica Blvd, inbound to LA. If it was westbound we’d be able to see the smiling motorman, illuminated by the low sun of a winter afternoon. Plus, the angle of the trolley pole gives away the car’s direction.

  • Jim Gannon

    This is inbound Santa Monica leaving Highland.

  • Bob Distler

    Not so. The “rounded corner” was the southeast one at Highland and Santa Monica. The picture shows an inbound from Highland (going south) onto Santa Monica (going east).

  • Al Donnelly

    If the clock is correct, then 4:20 pm. Shadows would be pointing E by NE. Car moving away from San Fernando (sign on back and direction of trolley pole). Therefore, leaving Highland (southward) inbound to LA on Santa Monica (eastward). Does this reading seem right to everyone? Regards.

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Ralph Cantos Collection