1812 Photo-Op

L. Swanson Photo, Andy Goddard Collection

L. Swanson Photo, Andy Goddard Collection

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (ex-Pacific Electric) streetcar no. 1812 stops for a photograph opportunity as part of a railfan special some time in the 1956-1959 timeframe. The location is likely the Southern District.
L. Swanson Photo, Andy Goddard Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    The 1800-series numbers were not used until 1958, when MTA (version 1) took over the remnant of PE passenger service from Metro Coach. This would have to be the Southern District; that was the only part of PE that was still under wire. Dominguez Junction would be a guess; I’m more of a Northern District guy. Car 1812, nee 626, then 5123 is now preserved at Orange Empire, but is not on public display at this time.

  • Jim Gannon

    This looks like North Long Beach [Willow St] northbound.

  • Ralph Cantos

    one is for sure, paint did not hold those car together at the end,because there was little or no paint left on them.

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