Pacific Electric Railway Sight-Seeing Trolley Trips Brochure (1912)

Pacific Electric Railway Sight-Seeing Trolley Trips Brochure circa 1912 (front, above). This brochure describes the Balloon Route, Triangle and Old Mission Trolley Trips which were $1.00 each for a reserved seat and parlor car service.

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  • June Tommey

    I lived in LA in the 60’s-70’s and didn’t know that there was a subway system. I really enjoyed seeing the old pic’s of the area. Thank You for this site.

  • Al Donnelly

    Concerning those great sugar refineries mentioned above….1908 right of way lawsuit settlement for extension of electric rail lines to “sugar factor” (left column bottom):

  • Al Donnelly

    Something notable here is that Playa del Rey still has a blue spot but the space is open where an orange circle might have been applied in the past to indicate long stop. The great pavillion there has been lost around this era and PE has already taken over running the Balloon Route trips itself. Playa del Rey would retreat to a sleepy-town status which ultimately kept it preserved as one of the last surviving beach haunts to evade excessive encroachment of developers. I suppose that’s all gone by now?

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