1520 at Echo Mountain

Harold F. Stewart Photo, Stan Kistler Collection

Harold F. Stewart Photo, Stan Kistler Collection

Pacific Electric narrow gauge work car no. 1520 at rest at Echo Mountain on the Alpine Division after abandonment. The image is dated February 23, 1938.
Harold F. Stewart Photo, Stan Kistler Collection

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  • duncan still

    Despite the destruction of the remnants of the Mt. Lowe line, some artifacts remain in existence today. Anyone willing to take a 5 to 6 mile hike can go up to Echo Mountain and take a look at what remains. The hiker would take the Sam Merrill trail which starts at the end of Lake Ave in Altadena and climb 2 1/2 miles to Echo Mtn. The hiker would see the retaining wall shown in this photo, steps used to go from the rail line to the Echo Mountain House, the inspection pit used by PE, some wheel sets, and what appear to be motor armatures. Rails for the incline remain embedded in concrete. Further up, a hiker can see abutments for some of the many bridges and ties for the railway to the tavern (no buildings remain but the foundations serve as a campsite). At Mt. Lowe summit, there remain some metal chairs, probably supplied by PE. Despite the wear resulting from many years exposure, there are patches of red paint on these chairs – probably the same red paint as used on PE cars.

  • Reynaldo Cortes

    Reminds me of Colorado Mule Marble Tramway locomotive, but theirs had the trolley poles atop each cab and the cabs looked like small sheds with a single window on all sides.They loaded marble on themselves too on the flatbed to gain traction for the grades there are quite steep.

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