Southern Pacific 4614 in San Bernardino

The date is July 11, 1965. Southern Pacific diesel locomotive no. 4614 works some street trackage in San Bernardino.

Robert Gaddie Photo, Robert Gaddie Collection

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  • Gary Hunter

    This appears to be the part of the San Bernardino Rialto Ave street trackage. It seems to be looking East. This section of track, from the Rialto Ave. switch to Waterman Ave, appears to have an original history as the SP line from Berdoo to Redlands. There is a crossbuck in the background where I believe PE turned Northeast where it accessed the remaining 3rd St. trackage to the E. Highland stub and the Arrowhead line The PE accessed Redlands from 3rd St. until 1951, when electric operations ceased. SP abandoned their Redlands to Berdoo line in 1936. It seems that PE reinstalled the Eastern mile or so of Rialto Ave. street trackage in 1951, to bypass 3rd St. Right at Rialto and Waterman is where the PE and SP were just a few feet apart, and the line resumed the PE alignment from there out to Norton and the Sunkist plant on San Bernardino Ave. I have seen video of one of the last fan trips under 600 V. juice in 1951, and the car went to Sunkist. As a kid growing up in San Bernardino, I saw most of this trackage at one time or another.

  • Kenny Jure

    It is on Rialto Ave. that’s for sure. it’s exact location is between D street and E street. The line that goes off to the left just beyond D street is the start of the old Highland line. It went north across Second street then curved to the east and crossed Arrowhead and then made a slight turn to the northeast crossing the third street line through a private right of way then north onto Sierra Way to just short of seventh street turning east onto private right of way crossing Waterman and along 6th street towards Highland. I drive this section of road 5 days a week and know that section very well.

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Robert Gaddie Photo, Robert Gaddie CollectionUnknown Photographer, Robert Gaddie Collection