1254 Near San Dimas

A four-unit Pacific Electric train lead by no. 1254 rolls as a “Special” near San Dimas on September 26, 1937.

Charles D. Savage Photo
Donald Duke Collection

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  • Everett Neal

    The guy standing on some sort of concrete block (on the left of the photo) is getting an awesome view of this four-unit train as it rolls by. The good ol’ days of train watching is gone forever.

  • Bob Davis

    Sept 26–that would be the right “time frame” for an LA County Fair extra. The concrete block is probably part of an orange grove irrigation system. This right of way is now part of the Metrolink San Bernardino Line which uses a combination of PE SP and Santa Fe routes to run more trains between San Bernardino and LA than PE ever dreamed of.

  • Al Donnelly

    Somewhere between the 1936 Catalina service and this point, the “Parlor Car” lettering has dropped off.

  • Fritz Basset

    “Portland Twelves” right? How sad that a more progressive railroad such as the AT&SF did not end up owning the PE instead of the hidebound Southern Pacific. I will never forget or forgive their regressive policies with the IER and NWP in the Bay Area on the eve of WWII.

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