9013 at Los Angeles Street

Alan Weeks Collection

Alan Weeks Collection

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority 3 Line (Sixth and Central Only) bus no. 9013 rolls down the street through the intersection at Los Angeles Street in this March 1963 image.
Alan Weeks Collection

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  • gilbert daniel

    To the left is the old grayhound station,behind is the PE headquaters and station (note Coles Resturent) the new Grayhound station was built to right where the gas station and parking lot is which is now abadoned

  • Al Donnelly

    The compression of view is always tricky. The “MTA Coach” and “Santa Fe” signs would give away the corner of Sixth & Main. Coles and the arch windows betray the building on left as the PE terminal-cum-station which sat below Main and above Los Angeles (altered over time?). This Greyhound terminal is visible over and beyond the elevated trackage. The Chevron would be about or just below the general area close to where the surface yard originally ran across coming off of 7th, with the elevated then being built over it later. I wonder what that “Golden State” sign (left) is about? Hotel, theatre, etc.? Falcons and Valiants really set the tone for this period. There is an additional photo of this location to compare this to. Watch for the hidden traffic cop.

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