950 at the Car House

Los Angeles Transit Lines no. 950 is captured outside a car barn in 1947.

Robert Chamberlain Photo, Richard Wilkens Collection

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  • Duncan Still

    This looks like a fan event at Division 5 on 54th St. Two unique LARY cars are present, 950 (the subject of the photo) and the singular 2501 is in the background.

  • Ralph Cantos

    This photo was taken in front of Div.5 at 54th & 2nd Ave. Also notice, newly painted car #2501 just to the right of the #950.

  • Bob Davis

    LARy 950 was the former funeral car “Descanso” (I). It had been converted to regular passenger service, but the first version still had the stained glass upper sash, and some of the more superstitious citizens would avoid riding it. LARy took it back into the shop and came up with the version in the photo; now only hard-core trolley fans or employees would know the car’s somber past. (data from Interurbans Special 43)

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