A Trip to the Mount Lowe Ruins, June 8, 1958

Stephen Dudley and his late father, Paul Dudley, decided to make a hike of the old Mount Lowe right-of-way and photograph their June 8, 1958, journey. These images are from that trip, and we gratefully thank Steve for sharing them with our readers.

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  • david sobo

    Marvelous, absolutely marvelous. Thank you.

    • Jillian Van Liew

      These are so cool. I ADORE OLD PHOTOS! This is right up my alley (old photos & hiking ). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Michael Patris

    Fabulous to see this material in color! Thanks a million!

  • Gerald A Hunter

    Thanks for the trip in the time machine, great to see it all before the dynamite ruined it.

  • Paul Ayers

    Wonderful, thank you!

  • Matthew Reiser

    Priceless photographs. I remember the long, large ties on the Incline, from my hike with my father in 1978, just before the 1979 Pinecrest Fire burned all (or most) of them.

  • Jimbo Boren

    Thanks for the photos! Very special going back to a time I can only imagine about.

  • KC

    Wonderful thanks for sharing

  • Marc DeKlotz

    Great pictures. My first trip there was Just over 20 years after these. After the fire of 1978. Most all of the wooden remains in the incline area were gone. I had heard most of the tressels in Rubio canyon were still intact till then. I climbed the incline in 1979 and several times after that. The concrete structures had long since been blasted and only ruins to see. The Tavern site was so bulldozed that I cannot orient myself to where the buildings were. It’s great to see the history preserved here

    • Matthew

      Marc: I saw those huge wooden ties on The Great Incline, on my only hike (down) the Incline, in 1978, as a 12-year-old. I didn’t realize they’d burned in 1979 until 25 years later.

  • Ronald Palige

    I have been hiking up there since 1974, at 14 years of age and often wondered how things were oriented at the Tavern site, These photos are fantastic

  • B

    Any photos of it in it’s had day?


    Where is this trail?

  • Bjorn Palenius

    Only 20 years later and nature had reclaimed a lot! If it hadn’t been blown up, it would have been covered in grafitti anyway!

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