Pacific Electric 1218 Southbound near Huntington Beach, 1946

Pacific Electric 1218 Southbound along Pacific Coast Highway near Huntington Beach, August 24, 1946.

© 1946 by Phillips C. Kauke, Stan Kistler Collection

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  • Al Donnelly

    Well a great photo certainly deserves a “Repeat Performance”:

    What is the point of the Dash Sign facing rearward…for the people running to catch the cars from behind before they depart a stop?

  • Bob Davis

    I remember seeing “Butterfly Twelves” on the rush-hour three-car trains to Monrovia. All of the other cars on the Monrovia-Glendora line were 1100s, but we’d get one train of Twelves, of any sub-class except Long Beach trailers, for morning and evening peaks. I have a vague recollection of noticing that the Butterfly Twelves would often have a trolley wheel (like a box motor) rather than the more common shoe. Years later I would learn that cars running on the Balboa line had to use wheels because the grease used on other PE passenger lines would not stay on the wire along the seashore.

  • Bob Davis

    Regarding the rear dash sign–probably so intending passengers approaching the car from the rear at 6th & Main would not have to go around to the front to make sure they were boarding the right car.

  • Yorkman Lowe

    That’s strange. I thought the Newport line converted to bus in 1940 or 42.

  • David+Moser

    Mr Lowe, the Newport line had a weird history of abandoning, then mysteriously reopening. The final abandonment did occur in 1950.

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