Alan Weeks: Pasadena Short Line, 1951

By Alan K. Weeks

# 749    Note square poles are original poles from first construction.
# 753    I had written on the back of the picture this was at Monterrey Rd & Fair Oaks. This was seventy years ago. Now I think it might have been Fair Oaks & Mission. If anyone knows please let me know. lol
# 756    The building to the left housed the PERY Ticket office. Quite often you could see a White type bus parked on the side street. It was a Motor Transit Lines bus used on the Pasadena to Pomona Line.
#757     The first car parked on the right side of the street was my first car a used 1934 Oldsmobile with a stick shift. It was built like a tank.
The Pasadena Short Line was abandoned September 30, 1951 along with the Sierra Madre and Glendora Lines. This ended all rail service on the Northern District.
# 757   My old car is parked on the right side of Fair Oaks in Pasadena. It took me everywhere I needed to go to build my complete collection of PERy photos. I saw a lot and learned a lot about the Southern California Streets and Neighborhoods.
# 753   I had asked if anyone remembered what street this was. ?  Much to my surprise my younger friend Paul Kakazu said my hunch that I miss labelled it was right. It was Mission St and not Monterrey Rd.
I can count on 99% percent of what I wrote on the back of my old prints is accurate. Thanks Paul for correcting the record.
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  • Tom A.

    The cross-street in pic 753 is definitely Mission. The bank building in the background is still there…and still a bank!

  • John Gillette

    751 is in the 1100 block.I lived a block west of there from 53 to 68. Colliaus was gone by the time I can remember. The big house was still there for a few years.

  • John Gillette

    758 One block north of the Junior High. The concrete platform is where the kids from San Marino got on and off the school trains.

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