Near Venice High School

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Two Pacific Electric streetcars (headed by no. 655) roll down Venice Boulevard. The location is identified as Venice and Walgrove, with Venice High School just behind the photographer.

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Jack Finn Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    655 was saved by the late Richard Fellows as part of his “rubber-tired Red Car” program. It was never fully converted to internal-combustion power and is now back on “Hollywood” car trucks (albeit non-motorized) at Orange Empire. It is currently on display in Barn 4.

  • duncan still

    I believe this photo wa taken on Venice Blvd. Note the block signal. The Venice Short Line was liberally supplied with these signals after the disasterous Vineyard wreck of 1913.

    – Thanks, Duncan! – ed.

  • Paul Kakazu

    Page 28 of Donald Duke’s Western District book says this photo was taken at Venice & Wallgrove Avenue, which means Venice High School would be right behind the photographer.

    – Thanks, Paul! – ed.

  • Brian Gutierrez

    This picture was taken on Venice Blvd at Glendon ave. which is about three cross streets west of Walgrove ave. The building with the market in the background is still there today. The market is called Garcia’s market today and the store front on the corner is a dry cleaners. The person that took this shot must have been standing just east of the southeast corner of Venice and Glendon. This intersection is easy to find on google maps. it is the only spot on Venice blvd between Lincoln blvd and Walgrove ave that you can cross or turn left off of Venice blvd.

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Jack Finn Collection