Pacific Electric Track Agreement for Bergamot Station, June 1, 1953

From the collection of former Southern Pacific employee Edward Langer comes a scan of this very interesting document dated June 1, 1953, between the Pacific Electric Railway Company, Southern Pacific Transportation Company (the parent), and Integrated Ceilings, Inc.

The agreement permits Integrated Ceilings to receive service on PERY trackage at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California.

Edward Langer Collection

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  • Al Donnelly

    Actually, what we’re seeing here is a signed but undated document showing 1974 revisions. Without getting into the very complex nature of Southern Pacific corporate structures (holding companies, subsidiaries, etc.) this is best read that the now defunct “Pacific Electric Railway Company” was the “predecessor” in a 1953 agreement to which “Southern Pacific Transportation Company” (of Delaware? or what?) has become the heir/inheritor and wishes to renew the agreement as it first existed with any of the revisions noted by attachment. Someone in legal is covering their proverbial accounting/engineering keister.

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