Fresh Gravel

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Fresh gravel overlays the yard surface in this shot of Pacific Electric interurbans nos. 800, 913, 990, 958 and 986.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Ray Long

    Ocean Park Yard

  • Donal J. Baker

    The 800 class car in the foreground has an unusual roller sign for this class of car, the 800 class cars were usede on the

    This is a nice photo of Ocean Park storage yard. The 800 class car in the foreground has an unusual roller sign-“Los Angeles via Beverly Hills”. The 800 class cars were used on the “Venice Short Line” and the “Redondo
    via Del Rey” lines. The “Los Angeles via Beverly Hills Line” was served by 600 and 950 class cars. Perhaps this roller sign was changed by a railfan.
    I have never been in favor of this practice as it leads to confusion, especially in later years.

  • Tim Muir

    A great shot of the yard at Ocean Park. The fresh gravel leads me to wonder if this was taken after the yard was constructed. Which also leads me to ask, just when the yard was built? I have seen a 1934 map that shows the car house and its’ tracks, no storage yard but a track looping onto the Inglewood Line from the south end of the car house track 3 switch. This is also shown on a crude map in Interurbans Special 60, but no date given for the yard’s construction. There is a date in this issue for the abandonment of the “long siding” on the “Trolley Way” used for storage, between Brooks and Horizon Avenues, given as February, 1942. I can only assume that this was after the 7-track storage yard was put into service. Can anyone clear this up for me?

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