5154 and 5127 at North Hollywood Station

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Pacific Electric cars nos. 5154 and 5127 idle at North Hollywood station, looking east, on November 15, 1952. Learn more about this photo and its photographer Alan Weeks by clicking here.

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

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  • Al Donnelly

    Sister car PERy 5128 was immortalized in a b/w photo inbound on Hollywood Boulevard crossing the bridge west of Van Ness Avenue over the alignment that would serve the Hollywood Freeway. Passing the (now infamous) Richfield station on the north side, it would go by Ralphs Market, the A&P, and on past the bank building at the end of Gramercy which was used in L.A. Confidential for the Pot Bust Movie Premier theatre scene. Across from the Richfield was the eventual site of Hollywood Sports Cars, which may have been the old Nash automobile dealership (not confirmed). The section continued toward Western Avenue and beyond to Sanborn Jct. whereby one of the original Stan’s drive-in restaurants could be found (seen in one of those classic late ’50’s hot rod films). The entire route section seems to be one of the great blank spots in photo documentation of PE’s Hollywood line.

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