Los Angeles Metro Expo Line, Phase II, Tour 1

Here’s a terrific “walking tour” by of the old Pacific Electric right-of-way that will become the new Expo Line. From the filmmaker Bendix5:

A speedy, time-lapse trip through the disputed rail right-of-way for Metro’s Expo line – currently being built from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica. Starting about 6 blocks West of Robertson & Venice through West LA to the corner of Pico & Sawtelle! Yes, no kidding – this is West LA and it was shot on July 10 & 11, 2010.

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  • Bob Davis

    Quite amazing! I saw this on another transit-related website. It’s like riding the “railfan seat” in a “virtual Red Car”. At one point the camera appears to leap over parked cars like Evel Kneivel’s motorcycle. It also seems to pass through fences like a ghost.

    • Jeff Wells

      Alexis Kasperavičius’ YouTube video is amazing. I’m blown away by the amount of right-of-way (tracks, rails, etc.) that still exists since the abandonment of this Pacific Electric railway line. I’m in awe over the technology involved in creating such a revealing film. Yes, you seemed “to pass through fences like a ghost,” as Bob Davis commented on in 2010. How did Alexis know where to walk? what to film? Just how long did it take him to produce this wonder… this gem?

      • Alexis Kasperavicius

        Thanks much for the props! It took a day to build a balancing rig from some pipes and weights from the hardware store, 2 days to film plus 1 more to edit it down.

        I used to live in that area and kept running across the tracks and was just curious where it went. With the help of Google maps I was able to figure out how to get to each section which was the hardest part.

        Apparently film this really helped ensure the Expo line was built on this right-of-way instead of farther south as everyone could see how much was still intact. It was featured in a lot of places and i got notes from Metro and council members.

        The tracks have already been replaced and regular passenger service will resume very shortly!

        • Pacific Electric

          We love your video, Alexis, and we agree – it helped raise awareness about the viability of this old PE line for the new Metro extension to Santa Monica! Thanks for commenting and visiting us!

  • Ralph Cantos

    Great choice of music also…

  • Gerald Hunter

    Great vid that has now become a time capsule of sorts of
    the old Santa Monica air line ROW.I have always liked the
    motormans view perspective. Alexis did you ever shoot any
    more footage going farther west? Ever thought of shooting
    any more abandoned ROW, Like; the Bellflower/Santa Ana
    line? Gardena/Torrance,San Pedro line( ending at the new
    red cars in San Pedro!)? Anyway good one, can’t wait to
    ride it to S.M.

  • Scotty Cramolini

    Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane. Incredible camera work and orchestration with just the right background music! That really was awesome!

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