Tank Car 7315

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Pacific Electric tank car no. 7315 is photographed at an unknown location in this undated photo. Note the placard: “This car for use of diesel oil for PE Railroad only.”

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Joe Mendez

    From the series 7314 to 7319. Second hand tanks of 9,450 gallons applied to flat cars. The reweigh date for the car shows 5’42 but I cannot clearly read the repack stencil to the right of the build date. If the build date of 7’10 (over the right truck) for the flat is correct, an F-50-3. A good dated photo of 7319 in full road name is in vol. 5, page 264, of Thompson’s S.P. Freight Cars.

  • Stan Rothwell

    Dumb question: I’m no expert on Southern Pacific freight cars, but wouldn’t the “50” in F-50-3 signify 50 tons? I’m not sure what those arch-bar trucks are rated at, but I have trouble imagining that a pair of them could handle a gross weight of 100,000 pounds. Just curious…

  • Bob Davis

    According to the “Capy” rating (capacity) the car is rated for 100,000 lb. = 50 tons. That would be “pushing it” for those trucks, but those cars probably didn’t go very far or very fast (or very often).

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