Video: 8mm Film of Southern District

Margaret Ma was kind enough to share with us her father’s digitized 8mm films of Southern District action, likely near the end in 1961, depicting MTA blimps in action and 6th and Main Street station shots.

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  • Aiden Nies

    Pacific Electric,
    I am producing a documentary about the streetcar and its importance to America and how the museum I volunteer at preserves that history. And what would a streetcar documentary be without some footage of interurbans. So, I am looking for your permission to use this video in my documentary. I personally will not make any money off the final product, but I may have some DVDs made up for the museum to sell.

    • Pacific Electric

      You will need to contact the film’s owner with this request.


    I’d like permission to download it for personal use and sharing with friends, no commercial use. How do I contact the originator?

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