The Commodore Limited

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Pacific Electric business car no. 1000 is pressed into service as part of “The Commodore Limited,” special high-end service between Los Angeles and Balboa, at the end of the Southern Division.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    This body of this car became a house in Baldwin Park after World War II. In 1964 it was “liberated” by Orange Empire volunteers and trucked to Perris. It was set on Hollywood Car trucks for a while, and may now be on ex-Chicago Elevated trucks. A set of the correct Brill trucks was recently acquired and will be placed under the car in the future. The car is presently on display in Barn 4.

  • Everett Neal

    I hope someday the Commodore-Business car will be completely restored, before I depart this world.


      Now, I doubt that will happen.

  • Al Donelly

    From a (different photo) caption: “Pacific Electric club car “Commodore” poses for photographs at Corona, the far end of the Orange Empire Trolley Trip. The deluxe accomodations of PE 1000, a visit to Arrowhead Springs, and fast running on the San Bernadino line were the outstanding features of Excursion No. 5 on September 11, 1938. Lewis Harris”

    Source: PRS 40 Compendium 1977 pg. 9.

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