Shop Special in Torrance

Pacific Electric ran special trains for its shop crews from the 6th and Main passenger terminal in downtown Los Angeles direct to the Torrance Shops. This special, led by blimp no. 300, rolls through Gardena on its way to the Shops.

Mount Lowe Preservation Society Collection
Donald Duke Collection

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  • David Moser

    Can’t prove it, but I think this picture dates to the 1940’s.

  • Mike Marincovich

    The “S & P sales” is now “Complete Auto Body Parts.” They both used the same building; it is on the south/east corner of Vermont and 164th Street in Gardena. The view of the photo is looking south. The palm tree on the corner close to the door is just a short stump today but the second palm tree just to the left is still there but much taller.

    • garret verhoog

      Is this Mike from Osage ave school? I remember once seeing the blimps in downtown 1960? most likely the Long Beach run.

  • Paul Wisman

    The train is actually inbound and on it’s way to L.A. about to enter the private right-of-way along So. Vermont.

  • Fritz Basset

    NWP motor first out so it’s after 1941.

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