North Under The Bridge

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

A northbound Southern Division Pacific Electric interurban set rolls under the semaphore signal bridge; the trailing car’s “Long Beach” destination board is visible.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Paul Kakazu

    Shadows indicate we’ve got a southward view of a two-car train rolling on the s/b express track. I believe this is Amoco. By enlarging the image we can see the Air Line traversing the four-tracks in the distance, as well as what seems to be a connector from the s/b local track to the w/b Air Line. The thing that troubles me is that the old wooden Amoco tower should be visible, but isn’t. Maybe it’s hidden by the train. Any suggestions? Take a look in Donald Duke’s PE Southern District book pages 112 and 114 for shots of old Amoco tower.

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