Newport Beach Express

Pacific Electric no. 1219 winds through a turn, “deadheading” the Newport Beach Express after a layover at Macy Street Yard. The consist is at 7th and San Pedro Streets.

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  • Paul Kakazu

    Consist destined for Newport Beach service is deadheading from layover at Macy Yard and is making the turn from San Pedro Street onto the elevated ramp that leads to PE’s 6th/Main Station.

  • Bob Davis

    Note the panel truck in the background; it appears to be a 1949 or 1950 model, which would put this photo towards the end of rail passenger service to Newport. Also note the wheels on the trolley poles–necessary on the Newport Line because the wire grease used on inland lines wouldn’t stay on seaside overhead.

  • Alan Fishel

    This train is “dead heading” to the “surface street yards” at 6th & Main. It is turning south off of San Pedro to west on 7th St.

  • Paul Kakazu

    My comment was so wrong. Mr. Fishel is absolutely right. This picture is at 7th & San Pedro. The presence of an Acme traffic signal (at far left) and the LATL tracks going east/west means this view cannot possibly be where I said it was.

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