MTA 1522 Underneath the 10 Freeway

Bruce Ward Image, Steve Crise Collection

Bruce Ward Image, Steve Crise Collection

Construction of the Santa Monica Freeway is progressing rapidly as seen in this December 3rd, 1960 image by Bruce Ward. Metropolitan Transit Authority 1522 glides by the Interstate -10 overpass construction site at 16th Street on its way to Long Beach. Service will be ending on this line in only a few short months as April 1961 is fast approaching.

From Ralph Cantos:

This part of the line was known to the fans as “Whistle Alley” because the streets that cross the right-of-way were only a few hundred feet apart. No sooner did the motorman blow his whistle for one street then he would have to blow it again and again for about 5 crossings in rapid succession….In the weeks just before abandonment, the freeway construction covered the tracks and the echo of the PE whistle under the freeway was music to a rail fans ears…

Bruce Ward Image, Steve Crise Collection

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  • Matthew Reiser

    Fascinating. Thank you Bruce Ward and Steve Crise.

    For a current (but rather upsetting) view, use Google Maps and enter 1667 E 16th St, Los Angeles. Drag its “little yellow man icon” to get the Street View, and orient the view to North.

    Keep these incredible old photos coming!

  • Gerald Hunter

    Fantastic shot, Like looking out the door of the time machine. I have always wanted to see a photo from this
    exact time/location. Please MORE,MORE, especially from
    former P.E., now light rail lines. Shots like these are what
    make this site such a historical treasure.

  • Steve Crise

    Thank you Gerald! I’ll post some more images of this type soon. Meanwhile are you aware of our two PE Then and Now books we have produced on this subject? The first is The Pacific Electric Railway Then and Now, the Second is Mount Lowe Railway Then and Now, both from Arcadia Press. If you like this sort of photography, you’ll love our two book on the PE that are full of T&N images! There is even an alternate view of the scene above shot just days before passenger service ended on the line. Thanks for being a part of the site! Steve Crise.

    • Gerald Hunter

      Hello Steve, Yes, I have and enjoy your books, Keep up the
      good work. It was nice to meet you at the Railgiants museum Diesel donation ceremony as well.

  • Riley G.

    Near the end, MTA started washing the cars, and the roofs became cream color again, instead of dirt brown.

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