MCL 498 in the fog

By Stephen Dudley

More from the February 16, 1958 excursion using Metropolitan Coach Lines car no. 498. Here we see the 498 stopped southbound near San Pedro before the fog had cleared.

Stephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection

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  • Everett Neal

    I love the somber mood in this particular shot. The gloomy atmosphere brought on by the fog makes this an interesting moody shot. MCL no. 498 looks terrific here.

  • Al Donnelly

    In the returning trip’s “northbound at West Basin” shot, the flags have been switched to the appropriate car ends. The two red markers cover both sides of the rear, but the lone white has been shifted from the inside track (here) to the outside rail (there). Was there a special rule in play, or was it by open choice?

  • Charles Wherry

    No special rule. As to the red flags at the rear—they weren’t needed, assuming the red ‘bullseye’ markers were functioning. Regarding the white flag, it wasn’t required either since the car is equipped train indicator boxes that included a light that could display ‘white’ to indicate the
    train was an ‘Extra’ or ‘Green’ to indicate a following section of a ‘Regular'(scheduled) train or turned off to indicate this was the last section
    of a regular train. What I suspect is going on is a bit of railfan chicanery, a not unusual behavior in those long ago days of just having a bit of fun.

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Stephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley CollectionStephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection