February 24, 1957: 5166 and 313 at Socorro

A southbound excursion group (with a three-car train of 5050-series cars, headed up by 5166) waiting at Socorro for the northbound train to clear the single track.

Stephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection

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  • Mike Kaluger

    5166 is preserved in non-operating condition at OERM as P.E. 716.

  • Matthew Reiser

    Thank you so much for these great photos!

  • Peter Smith

    Ooooohh. More, please! I’m a Southern District fan by virtue of living in San Pedro.

    • Stephen Dudley

      In due course, more will be forthcoming including the San Pedro Line.

  • Gerald Hunter

    Looks like it was a Sunday, the old gent on the far right is dressed in his Sunday best and carrying the good book.

  • Everett Neal

    I like the shot of Hollywood car no. 5166 on the left. Love the blue skies.

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Stephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection