Fairbanks Yard

February 24, 1957: Fairbanks Yard in Long Beach, where all significant repairs on the fleet were performed. The excursion train pulled into the yard and passengers are observing the work being done on jacked-up car no. 302. Two 5050 cars, including an unusually clean 5122 with a long-unused destination sign showing, were parked in the yard pending return to service out of Watts.

Stephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection

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  • Ralph Cantos

    The 5122 had been repaired after an accident on the WATTS LINE. The shop men at Fairbanks Yard did a nice job on the body work and just the front end was repainted. The LAMTA sent it to scrap about a year after this photo was taken. Notice that the whistle and right side marker were not installed yet. It would have been LAMTA #1811. I never understood why it was not returned to service, it was a nice car.

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