Excursion 498 on the El Segundo Line

By Stephen Dudley

More from the February 16, 1958 excursion using Metropolitan Coach Lines car no. 498. In this image, 498 is stopped on the El Segundo Line just past the Watts Car House which can be seen in the distance. Trolley wire was maintained on the southbound track to allow cars to access the car house from the south. Wire on northbound track had been removed. Once trolley poles were reversed, 498 would run north on the southbound track to re-join the southbound main. Someone had appropriately inserted
in the train number display “X-498”.

Stephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection

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  • Everett Neal

    I was fortunate to add the Suydam HO brass version of no. 498 to my large brass model train collection a few months ago. Great shot of 498, above, on its excursion run.

  • Al Donnelly

    Gotta love how that church(?) tower adds to the photo like a mini-LAUPT. Adding in the line-dried clothing, which always made your Levi’s feel just right, and you’ve really captured the feel of SoCal. (If everyone with a yard there hung their laundry, the savings could probably cover the annual budget for the PE System while providing enough juice to run at full capacity. Sort of defeats the argument for having scrapped the whole shebang.)
    BTW Mr. Neal…custom painted or as produced?

  • Everett Neal

    As produced, in shiny brass. If I ever decide to custom paint my 498, I can always visit here and other “railfan” websites for excellent color photos to use as a reference.

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Stephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley CollectionStephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection