Bellflower Station, May 17, 1958, One Week Before Abandonment

Bellflower Station – May 17, 1958. This was a Saturday, one week before the line was abandoned. The additional cars needed for inbound rush hour service are stored on the siding in the distance. The Bellflower substation can be seen on the left.

Stephen Dudley Photo, Stephen Dudley Collection

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  • Robert Gaddie

    An excellent collection of photographs from a line that did not see much coverage during its final years. Thanks for sharing them.

  • Retired In Kalifornia

    Lucky indeed I was to remember operations as this station during the latter 1950s most stunning seeing a car ready to load folks one late winter twilight evening in 1958 from inside the folks 1950 Mercury driving south on Bellflower Blvd back to Lakewood from Dad’s folk’s house next to Linden Street. Sadly I never rode in any interurban or streetcar whilst in Los Angeles County, only ones I did were at Orange Empire Trolley Museum one April Saturday in 1979 during the Second Oil Embargo worrying whole time about getting diesel for my bus: TD-4506 Serial 789 Los Angeles Transit Lines 6339, to Oakland up U.S. 101 the next day. Really lonely drive it was, not many vehicles on the road towards evening, second to last of 5 long-distance (400 mile-plus) trips I’d made driving this antique 1976-1979.

  • Retired In Kalifornia

    Correction…one late winter twilight evening in 1957.

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