At Lynwood Station

Bill Everett Collection, Donald Duke Collection

Bill Everett Collection, Donald Duke Collection

Lynwood Station was a busy place. Not only was it Pacific Electric’s official station, but it was also the depot for the Union Pacific Overland Stage Lines and the Pacific Greyhound Lines. Pacific Greyhound was the subsidiary of the Southern Pacific at the time.

Bill Everett Collection
Donald Duke Collection

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  • Jim Gannon

    Anyone know, Is this still standing?

    • ProphetM

      Before the construction of the 105 freeway, it was moved eastward to Lynwood’s city park, on MLK Jr. Blvd. (Century Blvd.) at Carson Dr.

  • Al Donnelly

    Overland Stage lines was a joint U.P.-C.&N.W. operation in long distance runs. Lesser and local connection runs were operated by the likes of U.P.R.R. & O.S.L. .

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