5028 Jammed to the Gills

Pacific Electric PCC car no. 5028 is captured on a fan trip run in Huntington Park at the intersection of Randolph Street and Pacific Blvd.. Note how jam-packed the car is in this image dated February 22, 1953.

Alan Weeks Photo, Alan Weeks Collection

Modified based on comments

Here is a contemporary view of the location:

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  • Tom

    Could this parallel to Randolph St in the Maywood/Huntington Park area?

  • George Todd

    From the LATL tracks in the street, its Randolph and Pacific.

    – thanks, George! Added a street view of the location now. – ed.

  • Al Donnelly

    With lines out of LA running eastbound here, this car should soon be nearing Soto Street close to the 5600 block address of the Wallace China plant (1932-1964). Could their have been any freight services off this line to that plant?

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