309 at the Tower

Bill Whyte Photo, Steve Crise Collection

Bill Whyte Photo, Steve Crise Collection

Metropolitan Coach Lines (ex-Pacific Electric) blimp interurban no. 309 passes Slauson Tower in this Southern District action shot also appreciated by a group of young fans.
Modified based on comment
Bill Whyte Photo, Steve Crise Collection

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  • George Todd

    The blimp is Northbound at Slauson Tower, note the ATSF Harbor Branch track in the foreground, and the tracks diverging East to Whittier/Yorba Linda. The inbound track is under the car.

  • Bob Davis

    Please change the heading to agree with the car: It’s 309, one of the ex-NWP third-rail cars. Some years after the demise of the Long Beach Line, “409” would become the title of a Beach Boys song, relating to a high-performance hot-rod engine. PE 409 is long gone, but I have a photo of Portland Tri-Mex MAX 409 which I forwarded to a Beach Boys fan.

    – thanks, bob! – Ed.

  • Fred M Pohl

    I can almost hear those high pitched Air Whistles Apporaching the grade crossings That must have been awesome

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