1701 at Compton Station

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Metropolitan Transit Authority (ex-Pacific Electric) interurban no. 1701 slows on its approach to Compton Station, where passengers await amid the four-track segment.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Bob Davis

    I looked up this number because “1701” is significant to fans of Star Trek, which first aired on TV 50 years ago.

    • Ralph Cantos

      Car #1701 was PE#451. There were only two tracks here at Compton Station. As planed, the 4 track main line would have gone past Watts all the way to Compton Station. The right-of-way was wide enough, but the 4 tracks ended at Watts and never made it that far south to Compton. To bad,the Watts line might have been called “The Compton Local Line” with Hollywood cars providing local service to Compton. That would have been nice. The San Pedro line BLIMPS worked as “locals” south of Watts, with the Long Beach line trains running as “LIMITEDS”. When the San Pedro line was abandoned, that was the end of the Long Beach Line LIMITEDS for the most part.

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