1538 on East Olympic Boulevard at Ceres Avenue

Los Angeles MTA blimp no. 1538 is photographed heading eastbound on East Olympic Boulevard at Ceres Avenue in February of 1961. Dash signs reads Long Beach, with connections for Wilmington San Pedro.

Photographer unknown, Steve Crise Collection

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  • David Sobo

    I recall getting on a two car blimp train at Manchester on the 4 track. I do not remember the dash signage, but I do remember the train conductors jumping off the train as it stopped and yelling front car for Long Beach, back car for san pedro. (I may have that backwards). In any event, when we got to Dominguez junction, the cars were uncoupled and off I went to Long Beach. I am not a youngster, is my memory correct?

  • S. B. Dudley

    I believe that the two car LB/SP trains separated during the stop at Compton station just north of Dominguez.

  • Bob Davis

    By 1961, service to San Pedro was a bus connection; last rail service ended in 1958.

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Photographer unknown, Steve Crise CollectionRalph Cantos Collection