1506’s Whale-Back Tender

Donald Duke Collection

Donald Duke Collection

This World War II-era shot captures Pacific Electric 0-6-0 steam switcher no. 1506 with a whale-back tender (instead of its normal slope-back version). Note the lamp hood over the tender’s backup light, to prevent enemy observation from the sky. The shot was captured at Dolores Yard.

Donald Duke Collection

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  • duncan still

    PE had very few (if any) water facilities for steam locomotives, so tenders on PE locomotives needed relatively large water capacities in order tp operate without have to refill with water as frequently. I believe PE steam had to visit SP or Harbor Belt facilities when water was needed.

  • Jim Baker

    Or perhaps a convenient Fire Hydrant in an emergency.

  • Bob Davis

    Note the trainmen riding the rear footboards. Not only do modern locomotives not have them, older units in commercial service have had them removed. Historic locomotives may retain them, but as I was told in no uncertain terms one day, riding footboards is now a no-no.
    And did anyone else notice the blimp in the background? (aeronautical, not PE second hand from up north)

  • William Laffan

    Where is the electric locomotive in this picture?
    I thought steam locomotives needed a locomotive attached to operate the grade crossing wig wags and signals.

  • Vincent B. Berkan

    When did the steam era on the PE end?

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