1370 Express to Los Angeles

Jack Finn Collection

Jack Finn Collection

Pacific Electric Express no. 1370 heads up no. 1208 interurban on a northbound lash-up to Los Angeles.

Jack Finn Collection

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  • Everett Neal

    PE steel combine 1370 (and 1371) mated with the “San Berdoo” twelves from the 1200-1215 class – like 1208 in the photo, above.

    It’s unfortunate that these venerable PE steel cars no longer exist. Especially the ones painted in the famed “butterfly” livery.

  • Bob Davis

    In the late 1940’s PE studied the possibility of equipping one of the 1370-class combines with an EMD V-6 567 engine and using it with wrecker 003 on de-electrified (or never-electrified lines) to deal with derailments. Alas, this didn’t happen; PE electricians fitted some of the leased SP SW-1’s with wiring for jumper cables to power the wrecker. All of the twelves except 1299, and combines 1370-1376 were all scrapped in 1950-51. The Korean War had jacked up the price of scrap steel, and they all went to the Kaiser mill in Fontana to be sacrificed.

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