1100 at Artesia

L.L. Bonney Photo, Steve Crise Collection

L.L. Bonney Photo, Steve Crise Collection

Pacific Electric interurban no. 1100 stops at the Artesia passenger shelter during what appears to be a fan trip on the Santa Ana Line. The date is October 5, 1950.

L.L. Bonney Photo, Steve Crise Collection

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  • Al Donnelly

    Special 60 page 160 (top) shows PE #1100 on 4th Street in Santa Ana (AMP…but maybe meant as APM for Myers?) dated as 15 October 1950. [Same trip but conflicting dates?]

    Can anyone explain the rails seen in this photo as the Santa Ana line lost one track of the pair in 1940-41? Was the section farthest right an old house track or the storage track (cars supposedly were stored at Artesia). What is the left switch? etc.

  • Don

    Not all of the outbound track was removed in 40-41. Short sections of it survived here and there, specifically where various industry spurs branched from the outbound main. In addition to PE car storage at Artesia (track at far right of photo), there was a Standard Oil storage facility and spur (left side of image above). Into the early-mid 1980s, Southern Pacific continued to set-out cars at Artesia, on both the outbound remnant track and the former PE car storage track.

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