PERYHS at 40th Annual Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena

Steve Crise (right) stands next to a 1960 Marketeer all-electric cart owned by local enthusiast and participant in the 40th Occasional Doo Dah Parade, Lee Johnson. Michael Patris stands next to the Mount Lowe Preservation Society’s 1952 Autoette all-electric cart. Special thanks go out to MLPSI volunteer Scott Bowman for helping pull off this great event with carts from his own collection, the Lee Johnson collection and the Christian Boehr collection. Other participants who drove carts were Christian Boehr’s parents, Ernie and Judy Boehr, Christian’s friend Paige, Lee Johnson’s wife Diane. as well as a few others. The electric carts were once sold in Pasadena and have a tremendous local history which we will be sharing soon.

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  • Riley Gordinier

    I remember them all over the streets in Pasadena, and also Long Beach. I think you did not need a driver’s license, They were a menace on the streets.

    • George Hays

      In the late 1950’s the local news paper printed quite a lot of arguments and rebuttals over the fact that Pine Ave. downtown was over run with little old ladies in small electric carts. They were too small and slow to run on streets but it was technically “iffy” when they were on the sidewalks. They didn’t seem to belong anywhere. All too soon the oldsters just died off anyway but the traffic problem in one way or another just got worse.
      My mother admitted she took the trolley to many places in Long Beach in the 1930’s – or just walked ! Because back then everything was so close ….

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