LAMTA at 6th and Main in Color

Here’s a never-before-seen image of Los Angeles MTA PCC no. 3148 at the 6th and Main Terminal on February 26, 1960, as part of the MTA’s “operational tests” of potentially using PCC cars on the Long Beach Line – then the only remaining major PE artery still in operation.

As noted in this article by transit historian Ralph Cantos, the MTA’s testing was a sham, with line shutdown imminent.

Jack Whitmeyer Collection

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  • Terry Hamilton

    I suppose the could have connected two or three of these together if they REALLY wanted to make the change over.

    • Ralph Cantos

      Metropolitan Coach lines moved ouit of the Subway Terminal Building soon after the last Glendale – Burbank car pulled into the Subway. The MTA was not abouit to maintain the PE Building at 6th & Main for just one line. the MTA could have tested 100 PCC’s on the Long Beach Line,there just was no way the MTA would continue to operated the line as a rail line..

  • Benito Valenzuela

    I love the photos of the different I am seeing of the P.E. and RTA buses. They were my source of transportation since I couldn’t drive like most people in L.A.

  • Benito Valenzuela

    P.E. and RTD were my only source of transportation I could rely on. They were great.

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