“Union Station” (1950)

From our good friend Ralph Cantos comes this great clip, from the 1950 Rudolph Maté noir “Union Station” starring William Holden.

Take it away, Ralph:

It was shot on the PEs 6th and Main elevated in 1950 using two 950s for interior shots of what are supposed to be Chicago elevated cars; Location shots look to me to be in New York (3rd Ave El?) , but other shots aboard the moving cars ARE ON THE 6th and MAIN elevated.. Some nice gear noise, the interior of the 950s (as old as they were) were BEAUTIFUL.. And that is why they went to scrap…

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  • Art Brown

    A great movie I have enjoyed over and over again. They don’t show it much anymore.

  • David Thompson

    . . . and another good “film noir” to look for is the 1949 Burt Lancaster film “Criss Cross”. Filmed around Bunker Hill, it shows the Angel’s Flight and has a great shot of a Hollywood car coming out of the Hill Street tunnel.

  • akihiko okada


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